Syntec Vietnam Technology Co., Ltd. operated business in 2017 as a subsidiary of Syntec Taiwan. The parent company in Taiwan, established in 1995, is an expert in the industrial computer controller industry of CNC machines after a long period of research and development. Syntec invests 100% of its capital in controller technology and continuously innovates both hardware and software.

Focus on machine tool fields

Syntec’s business covers a variety of controller products in the fields of lathe, milling, and dedicated machines. With innovative skills as well as value added applications and complete services, it has been the most trustful company in the industry. In addition to the well known reputation in machine tool controllers, Syntec extended its businesses to high-end spindle servo solutions, linear motors, direct drive motors, robots and automation products to meet the demands in automation industry. Coming to the age of “Industry 4.0”, the company also integrated resources to capture the emerging opportunities in hoping to fulfill its vision goal –Trusted Technical Service.



Specializing in providing Leantec industrial robots with many genuine, high quality axis groups.

CNC Controller

Specializing in providing CNC milling and turning machine controllers such as CNC engraving machines, 5-axis CNC milling machines, CNC drilling and tapping machines and genuine CNC machining centers of the best quality.

Woodworking Controller

Specializing in providing the best quality genuine CNC wood machine controllers.

Automation Controller

Specializing in providing high-end, genuine, high-quality pulse controllers, touch controllers, stepper motor controllers, image processing systems, and all-in-one controllers.