Overview of Syntec

Syntec Company specializes in PC-based CNC controllers made through excellent research and development. Syntec has long contributed in the machine tool industry with 100% owned control technologies, developed to innovate both hardware and software.

Company culture

Keep promises and tell no lie. Always insist on what is right. Seek better working habits at every moment. Get things done in the shortest time. Proactive to communicate, concern and report

Business philosophy

Build an ideal office environment with excellent organizational processes and culture. Providing high quality services through innovation and continuous team work. Create company value with global vision.


CNC Lathe Controller

Specializes in providing standard CNC lathe controllers, CNC lathe milling machines and high quality, genuine multi-axis CNC milling machines.

CNC Milling Controller

Specializing in the supply of CNC milling controllers such as CNC engraving machines, 5-axis CNC milling machines, drilling machines and CNC taro and the best quality genuine CNC machining center.

Robot Controller

Specializes in providing robotic arm solutions, Delta robot arm solutions, lathe robotic solutions, punching robot robot solutions, plastic injection robot solutions, 4/6 axis robot solutions.

PLC & Touch Screen

Specializing in providing pulse controllers, touch controllers, stepper motor controllers, image processing systems, controllers all in one premium, genuine, high quality goods.