The new generation woodworking five-axis controller supports basic five-axis functions, such as: RTCP (tool tip point control function), inclined plane processing, multi-set mechanism chain settings, etc. In addition, it also supports a variety of communication formats, such as Mechatrolink III/EtherCAt/RTEX, etc., and is equipped with a high-performance motherboard with various communication formats and powerful performance, which improves the flexibility of the machine.

Provide various servo products required for woodworking machines

Can be used with a variety of servo applications to meet various processing needs

Tool tip point control function RTCP

It provides a three-dimensional tool length correction function. Users only need to calculate the workpiece outline coordinates on the CAM software, and the controller will automatically take the tool length and wear values ​​into consideration. The tool tip point will always be machined on the workpiece outline.

O: Standard     Δ: Optional       -: No     *Not for sale in Taiwan Region

Model 610MA-E5 610MA-H5
Standard Axes (Max) 8(18) 8(18)
DA 2 2
Input / Output 32/32 32/32
Servo Control M3/ECAT M2/M3
VGA 1 1
Max Spindle No. 6 6
Storage 4GB 4GB
PC Application O O


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