Thông số kỹ thuật

Line item Automation controller with touch screen (Pulse)
Model HC-8A / HC-10A / HC-15A HC-8S
-K -S -S -E
Number of axes Standard 3-4 5
Maximum simultaneous number 4 5
Axis group Main system axis group 4 4
Main system + PLC axis group 4 4
MST channel 4 4
Spindle number 6 6
Hardware Servo Control Pulse Step
RAM 256MB 256MB
I / O standard 32/32 16/4
RIO option
DA 2
Screen With function keys Full plane Full plane Second half
8 “/ 10” / 15 “touch panel 8 “touch panel
DiskC Flash 256MB Flash 256MB
DiskA Flash 4GB Flash 256MB
Front interface USB 1 0 0
Rear interface RJ-45 1 2
SRI 0 2
RS-485 1 1
USB 0 2 2
KB 1 0
H / K 1 0
5V output 1 0
System WinCE WinCE
Standard function 1. Support G / M code

2. Support eHMI custom

3. Does not support tool-related functions

4. Spindle support

1. Support G / M code

2. Support eHMI customization

3. Support five-axis linkage

4. Not support tool-related functions

5. Support spindle

Optional function 1. Vision

2. Remote monitoring

1. Vision

2. Remote monitoring

Accessory hardware
Option-4 Enable Plugin Function O O
Option-5 Enable PC-CNC Application O O
Option-11 High Precision Contouring Control Mode Δ Δ
Option-12 Rotation Tool Center Point Control (RTCP) Δ Δ
Option-13 Feature Coordinate System Δ Δ
Option-14 Parameter learning function
Option-15 Tapping Learning
Option-16 Syntec Vision Δ Δ
Option-17 Commercial Vision Software Δ Δ
Option-18 CAD / CAM function CAD / CAM Δ Δ
Option-19 3D Arc Interpolation Δ Δ
Option-20 All in one Pick and Place (All in one)
Option-21 Four Axis Robot Δ Δ
Option-22 Five-Axis Robot Δ Δ
Option-23 Six-Axis Robot Δ Δ
Option-24 Gantry Robot Δ Δ
Option-25 High-speed pre-resolving function Advanced Look-Ahead Δ Δ
Option-26 Smooth Tool Center Point Control (STCP)
Option-27 Multiple mechanisms for five-axis
Option-28 The 2nd coordinate supports five-axis function
Option-29 Four-axis Rotation Tool Center Point Control (4AXRTCP) Δ Δ
Option-30 Five-axis Synchronized Motion Control
Option-31 High Speed ​​Chamfering Contour Control
Option-32 ROT Servo Turret
Option-34 Wood Software
Option-35 3D Laser Scanning
Option-36 Wood Built-In CAM Function
Option-37 Wood Build-In CAM Function
Option-38 Right-angle multi-arm function Multi-Gantry Robot
Option-39 2D simultaneous marking
Option-40 Expand the number of T codes to the maximum limit

O Standard function
△ Optional function
– Not available function