Multi-Program High Performance Product

-Support Yaskawa Mechatorlink-lll serial bus communication

-Also support Ethercat and RTEX serial bus communication

-Up to 16 axis and 4 axis groups

-5-axis simultaneous machining


-Fits the discontinuous blocks into a smooth-curve path

-Enhance the machining and reduce the mechanical shock

SPA2.0(ZPEC) Servo Delay Compensation Level Up

-Enhance the precision of arc and corner

-Improve the path symmetry

-Advance the ability to resist the resonance of machines

Rotation Tool Center Point Feature (RTCP)

-Support 3D tool length compensation feature

-Program product in CAM program, and the controller will automatically implement tool length and wear

-Tool tip always on the perpendicular against product contour

Category Items Five -Axis
200MA-5 200MB-5 210MA-H5 210MB-H5 220MA-5 220MB-5
Product Specification Max. PLC Controlled Paths 4 4 4
Max. PLC Controlled Paths 3 3 3
Standard Axis 8 12 8 12 8 12
Max. Axis (Optional) 9 16 9 16 9 16
Max. Spindle 6 6 6
Max. Simultaneous Axis Control 5 5 5 5
Min. Control (mm) 0,0001 0,0001 0,0001
Max. number of program coordinate 100 100 100
Max. Number of Table Tools 96 96 96
Multi-Channel Function Group 4 4 4
Look-Ahead Blocks no. 2000 2000 2000
Block Processing timT 4000 4000 4000
Hardware Specifications Storage DISKA (MB) 256 4096 4096
Standard I/O 32/32 32/32 32/32
Optional I/O 96/96 96/96 128/128
DA 1 2
Monitor (Inch) 10.4/15 10,4 10.4/15
CF Card 1
CF Card 2 2 2
RJ-45 2 1 2
VGA Output 1 1***
PS/2 1
RS-232 1
RS-422 1
RS-485 1 1 1
USB 2 2
SRI 1 1
Servo Control Pulse Train (A/B Phase)
Pulse Train (CW/CCW)
Mechatrolink II O O
Mechatrolink III O O
EtherCAT O O
Compensation Backlash Compensation O O O
Pitch Error Compensation O O O
Angular Error Compensation O O O
Temperature Error Compensation O O O
2 Dimension Error Compensation O O O
Operation MPG Simulation O O O
Dry Run O O O
Optional Stop O O O
Single Block O O O
Virtual MPG O O O
Restart at Feedhold O O O
Restart at Break Point O O O
Tool Return O O O
Fixture Offsets O O O
MPG Offsets O O O
Programming Optional Skip O O O
B-Stop O O O
Absolute Zero Point Coordinate (G92/G92.1) O O O
Interrupt Macro (M96/M97) O O O
M198 call Subroutines O O O
Expandable G Code O O O
HSHP Constant Jerk Control O O O
Multiblocks S-curve motion plan O O O
Auto declaration in Corner O O O
Speed Limit for Round Radius O O O
Multiple Sets of HSHP Parameters O O O
Quick Parameter Setup O O O
SPA Feature O O O
Virtual Radius Funciton (for Rotary Axis) O O O
HSHP Control Mode I (G05.1 Q1) O O O
HSHP Control Mode II (G05P10000) Δ O O
NURBS Interpolation Ability Δ O O
Auto Tool Setting O O O
Auto Tool Management O O O
Tool Life Management O O O
Accessibility Machine Lock (R bit) O O O
Software Limit O O O
Spindle Speed Arrival Check O O O
Axis Synchronize Feature O O O
Dynamic Axis Synchronize Feature O O O
Dynamic Axis Synchronize Feature O O O
Rapid Retraction for Rigid Tapping O O O
Virtual Axis Feature O O O
Axis Change Feature O O O
Axial Torque Limit O O O
Serial Bus Setting Feature(CNC Axis) O O O
Driver Information Display(CNC Axis) O O O
Spindle Application Feature(CNC Axis) O O O
Serial Bus PLC Axis O O O
ROT Element O O O
Dipole Front and Back System O O O
Data Backup Recovery O O O
Customized Opening Screen O O O
My Favorites (Only Eight key system supports) O
Project Protection Feature O O O
Limit Access Manager O O O
Remote AP Monitor O O O
Edit Background Edit O O O
Edit Protection O O O
Immediate Grammar Check O O O
PLC PLC Diagnosis Feature(FORCE I Point) O O O
Data Transfer NETWORK O O O
RS-485 O O O
DNC(Network) O O O
Information Display Operation CV Display O O O
Graphic Simulation O O O
Partial Graphic Simulation O O O
Dynamic Multi-Language Switch O O O
Inclined Plane Feature Coordinate(Inclined Plane Process G68.2, G68.3) Δ Δ Δ
Feature Coordinate Teach Δ Δ Δ
5 axis feature 5 Axis RTCP (G43.4) Δ Δ Δ
Smooth TCP Δ Δ Δ
G code command High Precision Locus Control Mode (G05P10000) Δ O O
Smoothing Path Mode (G05.1) O O O
NURBS Interpolation (G06.2) Δ O O
Thread Cutting (G33) O O O
Auto Tool Measurement (G37) O O O
Tool of Offsets (G45~G48) O O O
High Speed Peck Drilling Cycle (G73) O O O
Left Handed Tapping (G74) O O O
High Precision Boring Cycle (G76) O O O
Drilling cycling (G81) O O O
Chopping (G81.1) O O O
Bottom Feed Hold Drilling Cycle (G82) O O O
Peck Drilling Cycle (G83) O O O
Tapping Cycle (G84) O O O
Boring Cycle (G85) O O O
High Speed Boring Cycle (G86) O O O
Back Boring Cycle (G87) O O O
Semi Automatic Finishing Boring Cycle (G88) O O O
Bottom Feed Hold Boring Cycle (G89) O O O
Multi-Group HSHP Parameter (G120.1) O O O
Option Option-4 Enable Plugin Function O O O
Option-11 High Precision Contour Control (HPCC) Δ O O
Option-12 Rotation Tool Center Point (RTCP) Δ Δ Δ
Option-13 Feature Coordinate System Δ Δ Δ
Option-14 Parameter learning function
Option-15 Tapping Learning
Option-16Syntec Vision Δ Δ Δ
Option-17 Commercial Vision Software Δ Δ Δ
Option-18 CAD/CAM Δ Δ Δ
Option-19 3D Arc Interpolation Δ Δ Δ
Option-20 Pick and Place (All in one) Δ Δ Δ
Option-21 Four Axis Robot
Option-22 Five Axis Robot
Option-23 Six Axis Robot
Option-24 Gantry Robot
Option-25 Advanced Look-Ahead
Option-26 Smooth Tool Center Point(STCP)
Option-27 Multiple mechanisms for five-axis
Option-28 The 2nd coordinate supports feature coordinate system
Option-29 Four-axis Rotation Tool Center Point Control (4AXRTCP)
Option-31 High Speed Chamfering Contour Control
Option-32 ROT Servo Turret
Option-34 Wood Software
Option-35 3D Laser Scanning
Option-36 Wood Built-In CAM Function

* Only sell in Mainland China
** Only sell in Taiwan
*** VGA is only provided in the rear half

O Standard function
△ Optional function
– Not available function

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