-Standard panel or touch panel to satisfy various customer’s manipulation in different region-4 axis RTCP function is optional on single rotational axe spindle-Workinglist module standard equipped makes it easy to control processing data from machine-Support directly control printer wih ZPL protocol to manage labels-Flexible I/O module, easily mapping with hardware and software-Support Syntec all-in-one driver to optimize distribution cabinet space


Operation Interface

-Standard Interface

-Suitable for mouse operation


Easy to plug in and unplug, and more convenient for repairing

Modbus Inverter Module

-Easier setting

-Only need to set up the program once

-Same setting can be imported to file processing

-Support brands: Delta,Inovance,Symphoenix,Fuling,Zoncn,Best,Creator,Invt

-Support brand customization.

Model *60W-E
Standard Axes (Max) 4 (6)
DA 2
Input / Output 32/32
Servo Control M3/ECAT
Max Spindle No. 4
Storage 4GB
4Axes RTCP / RTCP Δ/-
PC Application O

O: Standard     Δ: Optional     -: Not support      

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