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Model Item 21GA-E
Axis control Standard. Axis 6
Max. Axis (Optional) 18
Max. Spindle 6
Axis group + PLC axis group 4
Max. Simultaneous Axis Control Single axis group 4
Hardware Servo control ECAT/RTEX/M3
Standard I/O 32/32
Optional I/O 96/96
DA 2
Monitor (Inch) 10.4″
DiskC 4GB
DiskA 4GB
Front interface CF Card
Rear interface RJ-45 O
RS-485 O
5V O
Normal/HPCC 1stCoord: 4000/4000
2~4Coord: 1000/1000
Standard features 1. G5.1
2. Simultaneous tapping
3. Fast transmission and fast attack
4. Tapping and rapid retraction
5. Multi-spindle simultaneous tapping
6. Axis exchange function
7. Overlapping
9. Single axis group five-axis simultaneous motion function
2. Simultaneous tapping
3. Fast transfer and fast attack
4. Tapping and quick retraction
6. Axis exchange function
7. Overlapping
10. G120.1 multiple sets of processing conditions
11. G81.1 Chopping
Option Option-4 Enable Plugin Function O
Option-11 High Precision Contour Control (HPCC) O
Option-12 Rotation Tool Center Point (RTCP)
Option-13 Feature Coordinate System Δ
Option-14 Parameter learning function Δ
Option-15 Tapping Learning Δ
Option-16Syntec Vision Δ
Option-17 Commercial Vision Software Δ
Option-18 CAD/CAM Δ
Option-19 3D Arc Interpolation Δ
Option-20 Pick and Place (All in one) Δ
Option-21 Four Axis Robot Δ
Option-22 Five Axis Robot Δ
Option-23 Six Axis Robot Δ
Option-24 Gantry Robot Δ
Option-25 Advanced Look-Ahead Δ
Option-26 Smooth Tool Center Point(STCP)
Option-27 Multiple mechanisms for five-axis Δ
Option-28 The 2nd coordinate supports feature coordinate system Δ
Option-29 Four-axis Rotation Tool Center Point Control (4AXRTCP)
Option-31 High Speed Chamfering Contour Control O
Option-32 ROT Servo Turret Δ
Option-34 Wood Software
Option-35 3D Laser Scanning
Option-36 Wood Built-In CAM Function

O Standard function
△ Optional function
– Not available function

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