High precision, high speed, compact body, and can be installed in machine tools for loading and unloading. High protection level and not corroded by cutting fluids. Apply for high-precision case, loading and unloading, assembly, grinders.

Control axis: 6 axes.

Payload: 4KG.

Maximum arm reach: 596mm.

Positioning repeatability: ±0.02mm.

Type LRA596-4-6A-R(Standard)

/LRA596-4-6H-R(Hollow style)

No. Control Axes 6
Payload(kg) 4kg
Max. Reach (mm) 596
Pos. Rep.(mm) ±0.02
Motion Range (°) J1 ±170
J2 +144/-80
J3 +54/-194
J4 ±170
J5 ±119
J6 ±360
Motor Output (kw) J1 0.4
J2 0.4
J3 0.2
J4 0.1
J5 0.05
J6 0.1
Max. Speed* (°/s) J1 440
J2 355
J3 440
J4 490
J5 450
J6 720(6A)/948(6H)
Weight (kg) ≈32
Installation Floor, Upside-down, Angle
Levels of protection IP54/IP67
Ambient temperature / Humidity / Vibration Ambient temperature:0~45℃

Ambient humidity: Normally 20~80 %RH or less(No dew. nor frost allow)Short term 90 %RH or less (within one month)

Vibration acceleration: 4.9 m/s2(0.5G) or less

Robot Workspace Robot Base Dimension
LRA596-4-6A-R Robot Flange Dimension LRA596-4-6H-R Robot Flange Dimension
Wrist Load


  • High speed and high precision with ±0.02mm positioning repeatability
  • Equipped with 16 I/O and is easily expandable for more complex applications
  • Standard IP54 protection with optional upgrade to IP67 for applications in harsh environment
  • Equipped with 4 quick pneumatic connections and 8 I/O bus connection
  • Hollow wrist model allows air hoses and I/O sensor cables be installed from the base to the flange for easier cable connection
  • Provide 3 mounting methods:Floor, Upside-down,and Angle mount
  • Compact and small footprint design. It’s suitable for light payload operations and narrow workspace
Loading/Unloading Assembling
Grinding/Polishing Others

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