70CB-5, 710CA laser cutting machine 4-18 axis serial

High-End Serial Bus Control System

Serial Bus communication system, supports Mechatrolink-III、EtherCAT, and provides laser control and gap control modules, the highly integrated modules providing fine machining performance and stability.Compatible with standard laser source control of major laser brands.

Laser Cutting CAD/CAM

ProCAM – a CAD/CAM for standard flatbed laser cutting.– Provides CAD functions such as drawing, editing, and group management.– Manual/automatic layout editing, residual material management.– Manual/automatic path process, fly cutting path, co-edge cutting path, lead-in lead-out path and other functions

Tube Cutting CAD/CAM

Complete pipe cutting CAD/CAM function for round tube profile cutting and cut off.– Provides drawing and editing CAD functions.– Provide layout, manual/automatic path sequencing, 3D simulation functions.– Provides online modeling of three-way pipe.

Laser Control Dedicated Controller

– Provides key functions such as high-sped gap control, fly cutting, frog leap, intelligent edge seek, auto-focus.– Built-in process database, user can select the appropriate process parameter according to materials.– Power-velocity modulation machining quality is improved.– Support integrated automatic loading and unloading to improve production efficiency.


Standard flat plate cutting, Round tube profile cutting, Coil plate cutting, Non-metal die cutting, Five-axis cutting.

○ Standard- Not Support△ Optional


Model 70CB-5 710CA
Standard Axis No. 5 4
Optional Axis No. 18
Servo Control Mechatrolink-III / EtherCAT
Communication Protocol RS485, ModbusTCP, EtherNet/IP
Network 10/100Mps
External Interface RJ-45, USB, DSUB, MPG
Display VGA
Max. I/O 4096/4096
Input Voltage DC24V 1A

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