High Cost Performance

-Designed for glass grinding industry

-Up to 4 axis

-Process well

Highly Integrated with Peripheral Devices

-Can be used with vision model, probing function, and robotic arm … etc.

User-Friendly Interface

-Administration authority

-Prevent from operation mistakes and protect the process confidentiality

Model Item 6GB-G
Axis control Standard. Axis 4
Max. Axis (Optional)
Max. Spindle 2
Axis group + PLC axis group 1
Max. Simultaneous Axis Control Single axis group 4
Hardware Servo control Pulse
Standard I/O 32/32
Optional I/O
DA 2
Monitor (Inch) 8″
DiskC Flash 256MB
DiskA Flash 256MB
Front interface CF Card
Rear interface RJ-45 O
RS-485 O
5V O
Normal/HPCC BPT about 200(CE)
Standard features 1. G5.1
2. Simultaneous tapping
3. Fast transmission and fast attack
4. Tapping and rapid retraction
5. Multi-spindle simultaneous tapping
6. Axis exchange function
7. Overlapping
9. Single axis group five-axis simultaneous motion function
Option Option-4 Enable Plugin Function
Option-11 High Precision Contour Control (HPCC)
Option-12 Rotation Tool Center Point (RTCP)
Option-13 Feature Coordinate System
Option-14 Parameter learning function
Option-15 Tapping Learning
Option-16Syntec Vision Δ
Option-17 Commercial Vision Software Δ
Option-18 CAD/CAM Δ
Option-19 3D Arc Interpolation
Option-20 Pick and Place (All in one)
Option-21 Four Axis Robot
Option-22 Five Axis Robot
Option-23 Six Axis Robot
Option-24 Gantry Robot Δ
Option-25 Advanced Look-Ahead
Option-26 Smooth Tool Center Point(STCP)
Option-27 Multiple mechanisms for five-axis
Option-28 The 2nd coordinate supports feature coordinate system
Option-29 Four-axis Rotation Tool Center Point Control (4AXRTCP)
Option-31 High Speed Chamfering Contour Control
Option-32 ROT Servo Turret
Option-34 Wood Software
Option-35 3D Laser Scanning
Option-36 Wood Built-In CAM Function

O Standard function
△ Optional function
– Not available function

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