Case|Robotic Deburring-The Boon for Processing Industry

Deburring of processed products is a basic and indispensable process in the manufacturing industry. For example, the surface of small household appliances, metal parts, mobile phone casings, boutique watches, car parts…all need to be deburred.

Recently, LEANTEC robot arm has worked hard to fulfill the requirements of integration projects, and has mastered the accurate establishment of force and position control in the process of deburring. With the improved the rigidity of robot arm, automatically identified workpiece information and processing trajectory and other applications.

At present, there is an increasing market demand for deburring year by year in Taiwan, China, and Southeast Asia processing plants, but most of them still use manual or hand-held power tools to deburr. The shortcomings of this traditional process are the unstable quality, low efficiency and unfriendly working environment, which leads to various problems such as lack of labor and management of migrant workers. To overcome problems such as shortage of manpower, insufficient production capacity, and quality control, how to effectively improve product quality and increase product value has become the decisive point. Various incentives have driven various industries to actively deploy automation and integration in the field of deburring in recent years. Transition towards the trend of customized, intelligent and flexible production! The introduction of robotic arms for deburring and  precise machining is a great boon for processing plants!

The client in this case is a large Japanese home appliance manufacturer who wants to introduce an automated deburring project. The main appeal is to automatically deburr plastic molds, and perform flexible production according to the monthly production plan. The client expects through reducing the processing problems caused by the wide variety of workpieces and reduce the overtime work of the on-duty staff and the foreman’s deployment of manpower through the intelligent upgrade project.

The original process is that the automatic mechanism of the injection molding machine removes the workpiece and places it on the crawler. Then operators manually performs the punching and deburring process. After the introduction of LEANTEC robot, 60% of the manual work is replaced. When a part is transferred to the parting production line, it is transferred to the robot side for robot to pick up and deburr.

This set of robot arm deburring system records 19 different workpiece deburring programs. It can do up to 9 different workpieces at the same time. Robot arm can recognize different workpieces through the sensor and perform different path deburring to meet the diversified production process.

This project faced many practical problems, but it was still solved one by one with the powerful integration capabilities of SYNTEC group!

When a robot replaces manual deburring, it is most necessary to consider the grinding pressure caused by robot arms to control the grinding tool and the workpiece, and it is necessary to maintain a stable cutting amount and roughness so that the process can be controlled stably within the parameters. In addition,  robot arms rely on the auxiliary mechanism to provide constant pressure to perform precise deburring. What’s more, to avoid over-cutting or inaccessibility of the grinding tool, it is necessary to solve the floating problem so that the grinding tool is always in contact with the workpiece to be polished. Combining constant force floating tools can make up for the comprehensive position error, ensure that the tool and the workpiece remain in contact, and that the contact force is in accordance with the pressure required by the process, so as to stabilize process. Robot arm can automatically replace workpieces, and the qualification rate and output efficiency of workpieces have been improved in the implementation of multi-process processing. The automatic deburring tool can be combined with the automatic jaw changing system, which allows the robot arm to replace tools more freely.

LEANTEC robot arm project not only provides hardware, but also provides customized automation solutions according to the needs of customers’ different production lines. LEANTEC can even provide international enterprise multinational project integration. Through each project introduction, SYNTEC group hopes to provide not only the value of the product itself, but also bring customers a complete and comprehensive smart value-added program.

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