No more labor shortage! Leantec Robotics Upgrade Automobile Parts Automatic Machining

The concept of environmental protection and energy saving has gradually penetrated into every aspect of life. At present, new energy vehicles have ushered in an explosive growth trend. With the growth of orders for new energy vehicles, orders for various auto parts manufacturers are also fully loaded. However, traditional processing manufacturers are currently plagued by labor costs, manpower shortages, personnel management and other aspects. The upgrading of automated production lines is the core demand for manufacturers to achieve transformation and upgrading towards intelligent production.

Leantec Intelligence provides the total solution for smart factory upgrading transformation. Saving manpower with robotics, providing customers with smart, convenient customized automatic manufacturing applications!

Production line upgrade needs

● A full material load can be processed for at least 1 hour by the machine tool

●  The fixture gap is 0.02mm on both sides, and there is no scratch on the surface of the workpiece

●  There are three processes for the same workpiece. The No. 1 lathe processes the inner holes at both ends of the workpiece, the No. 2 lathe processes the face of the workpiece, and the No. 3 grinder processes the outer circle of the workpiece (according to the needs of different workpiece processing techniques, the on-site processing sequence can be changed)

Dedicated Customized Solution

● Precise pick and place: Using a 20KG payload Leantec robot (repeatability ±0.08mm) to automatically load and unload on three machine tools

● Big storage: The chain plate conveyor belt is used for blank feeding, and the workpiece positioning is added at the end for the arm to accurately pick the material; the customized flat belt is used to transport the finished workpiece

● Smart pick and place: The workpiece positioning device is set on the production line, which can still be intelligently loaded even when the process sequence is switched arbitrarily.


● The silo is full to meet production for 1.5 hours, and can be replenished without stopping
● Realize uninterrupted production throughout the day and greatly improve productivity
● One worker can take care of multiple production lines and complete sampling inspections to improve personnel efficiency