SynFactory 2.0 smart factory cloud solution made its new debut!

Affected by the pandemic, the long-standing pain points of the manufacture industry have emerged over time: lack of labor, the waste of material, the difficulty of production scheduling, and even the shutdown of equipment.

Aiming at the pain points of the manufacture industry, LEANTEC Intelligent has launched SynFactory 2.0 cloud solution, which is supplemented by SYNTEC Technology who has rooted in the controller industry for more than 20 years.

For equipment management, SynFactory 2.0 provides several boards:

1. Equipment Monitoring Board:

Distinguish the current status of machines as disconnected, idle, alarm or in process by color; and with a user-friendly design, which can switch between four different display modes so that the entire condition can be mastered in a few seconds.

2. Single-machine Information Board:

By clicking the device code, it is automatically connected from Equipment Monitoring Board to Single-machine Information Board.
It collects data from basic machine information to historical alarm query to achieve the purpose of discovering problems and suspending in time.

3. Utilization Rate Board:

Not only provides macro-level utilization rate analysis for the entire factory, but also microscopically target at single machine to capture information, providing data for subsequent production improvements.

In response to production management needs, Dispatch List System, Job Report System, and Work Order Tracking System are closely connected in order to effectively control personnel planning and material utilization.

1. Dispatch List System

Allow the foreman to adjust the dispatch list in time according to the on-site status. It also dispatches all the work order scheduling data to the corresponding equipment through one-click, saving the time cost of running between the office and the factory, and provides workshop operations with work order information for confirmation.

2. Job Report System

The workshop processing equipment can automatically upload the job report to Cloud, saving the trouble of manual job report and copying errors.

3. Work Order Tracking System

In order to solve the problem of unstable delivery time, Work Order Tracking System provides a board that visualizes the work order information, and can quickly grasp the real-time processing status of the whole factory work order on the computer device.

With equipment data as the core, LEANTEC’s SynFactory 2.0 cloud solution not only incarnates as a factory doctor, but also solves all incurable diseases in production management; it is also a powerful tool for lean management, providing transparent and real-time key data for factory management to inject continuous power of improvement. SynFactory 2.0 not only allows machines to speak, but also greatly improves the efficiency.