Robotic Welding Cell

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1. Application of the pick-up robot in processing

  • In many cases of embryo processing, there are programs that take very long time (from 5 hours to 1 day) to take very long time, resulting in labor waste.
  • In addition, there are many different types of embryos, the number is small but many types are difficult to distinguish. Do not avoid the occurrence of errors in the process of machine construction. The program and the workpiece do not match each other
  • Because of that, the application of robots in the processing process is extremely necessary, to save maximum labor costs, risks, as well as save time.

2. Actual model in the system


3. System details

  • Using Syntec gripping robot integrated with 2 Syntec CNC milling machines, in addition to using a PC to store machining program data
  • Use RFID readers to scan barcodes to identify which workpieces correspond to which machining programs.
  • The system is integrated with Syntec so states and data are exchanged and synchronized with each other, making it easy to manipulate between robots and two CNC machines in the safest and most effective way.
  • In addition, Syntec also supports SynFactory software so that managers can monitor the operation of the machine, alerts, running programs, the number of finished workpieces, … Can monitor the operation status of the remote machine via the Internet (or intranet).

4. The video runs practically

5. Other applications

In the welding robot application (see also the article: Welding robots)



  • Integrated with galvo scanner control and welder control into 1 controller
  • Vision display on the teach pendent
  • Supporting external axis and dual word station
  • Arc welding and wizard design software

Applications and videos (Source: Youtube: SYNTEC VIETNAM)

In the application of automatic pick up robots


  • Providing standard dripper and tray which is adjustable to suit different size of workpieces
  • External axis control and synchronized movement to enhance the effectiveness of productions
  • Communication via ethernet instead of IO
  • Implementation productivity prediction and machine status surveillance with Leantec IOT software, Synfactory

Applications and videos (Source: Youtube: SYNTEC VIETNAM)

In application, the robot automatically picks up and automatically synchronizes with SynFactory software


  • Stable: Robot directly connect RF-ID reader without any communication module
  • Plug & Play: Supporting Balluff, SYNCOLE…etc.
  • Shop Floor Controller: Being the information center of the cell
  • Total Solution: Robot + Shop Floor Controller + IOT Software + CNC
  • Synfactory: Work order delivery and machine status surveillance in one amchine boxC


Applications and videos (Source Youtube: SYNTEC VIETNAM)

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