Smart Inventory Unit



– Smart all-in-one system integrated with robot pick-and-place, inventory management, and production history

– Quickly connect to Leantec’s other module products and general sensors to meet the concept of flexible manufacturing

– Intelligent inbound outbound search, including empty stock auto-search and production auto-log

– Support manual key-in, 1D barcode, 2D barcode, RFID, and etc

– Visualization of inventory status

– Design dimensions, layout, arrangement, and operation interface base on demands




1. RS485 (RFID)

2. EtherNet IP (Scanner)

INVENTORY CONTROL SYSTEM Inventory Inspection System

1. Occupied Space Inspection

2. Empty Space Inspection

Auto Loading

Auto Unloading

GANTRY CONTROL XYZ Gantry Robot Control

1. Tray control function

OUTBOUND INSPECTION Empty Box Identification

Empty Box Recycle Identification

Applicable Content

– Inventory/Warehouse system applicable to various fields

– Metal part production

– Offline measure

– Graphite electrode production

Applicable Industry

– Warehouse industry

– CNC machining industry

– Graphite electrode production industry

Combination of Robot pick-and-place, inventory control, and production history systems. Customized dimension and HMI screen collaborating with material handling and inspection machine, Leantec provides a prompt integration service to realize the Smart Inventory System.

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