Transmission interface upgraded to Mechatrolink III

-The transmission rate is increased to 100Mbps, and various control information (such as motor position, speed, etc.) can be transmitted and received at a higher speed

-The maximum transmission distance between stations can be reached 100 meters without a repeat

Multiple Expansion Boards are Alternative Shows High-Freedom Expansion Function

– Control system

– General interface

– Multiple encoders interface

Servo drive specifications to meet various applications

– Meet the axis control needs of various turning and milling machines, high-gloss machines, automation and other applications, up to 3+1 axis servo control

– Support high-power all-in-one, with spindle drive specifications up to 18.5KW and axial drive specifications up to 3KW

Optional servo motors for various industrial applications are available

– Simple wiring, saving space, suitable for applications in machine tools, automation and other industrial control fields -Achieve multi

– Axis simultaneous motion control through highly integrated axis control function

– With high-precision current vector control, high-precision simultaneous motion function of each axis

– A variety of spindle motors to meet the needs of various machine tool applications such as lathes, drilling machines, machining centers and engraving and milling machines

– Supports various serial communications such as Nikon, BissC, Tamagawa, FeeDat, EnDat

– Axial servo motors come standard with 24 bits Multi-turn absolute encoder to achieve precise servo control performance

– Supports serial encoders with resolutions up to 16 million.

Item 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
Symbol SMH/SMD -35/35/35 -100 -XL
Def 380V: (SMH) Syntec Multi-axes Drive (High-voltage)

220V: (SMD) Syntec Multi-axes Drive

Axial Module Max Current

Mark 35/35 for Three In One

Axial Module Current Dimension
Series Model Number Voltage Model Specification Rate Current

/Max. Current

Servo Drive II
2575 3-in-1 SMH-25/25-75-M 380V Axis: 25/25

Spindle: 75

Axis: 5.4A/14.1A

Spindle: 21A/53A

35100 3-in-1 SMH-35/35-100-M 380V Axis: 35/35

Spindle: 100

Axis: 8.4A/19.8A

Spindle: 27A/71A

2550 4-in-1 SMH-25/25/35-75-XL 380V Axis: 25/25/35

Spindle: 75

Axis 1/2: 5.4A/14.1A

Axis 3: 8.4A/19.8A


3575 4-in-1 SMH-35/35/35-100-XL 380V Axis: 35/35/35

Spindle: 100

Axis: 8.4A/19.8A

Spindle: 34A/71A

50150 4-in-1 SMH-50/50/50-150-XL 380V Axis: 50/50/50

Spindle: 150


Spindle: 34A/106A

Mini 4-in-1 SCD-X0XX-30/30/30/30-M 220V Axis: 30/30/30/30 Axis: 7.6A/14A M3
Mini 4-in-1 SMD-30/30/30/30-XS 220V Axis: 30/30/30/30 Axis: 7.6A/14A M3
Mini 3-in-1 SMD-30/30/30-XS 220V Axis: 30/30/30 Axis: 7.6A/14A M3
Mini 2-in-1 SMD-30/30-XS 220V Axis: 30/30 Axis: 7.6A/14A M3


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