Drilling Machine – FC-60WA/600WA Controller

The furniture production process includes the following steps:

Today, the demand for smart solutions in customized furniture manufacturing is increasing. Hole drilling is one of the important processes, requiring high precision, as well as high speed to ensure mass production lines, so the CNC hole drilling machine was born, improving quality and productivity.

-Structure of CNC hole drilling machine:

Syntec PCCam software:

PCCam software connects to the Syntec controller via Dilole, operating entirely on PCCam software:

-Main interface:

-Manual control panel:


-Setting controller parameters:


– Tool settings:


-Process parameter sample:


-Intuitive simulation:


-Process monitoring:


Item Description
Hardware FC-60WA(Standart 7 axes)

FC-600WA(I.MX6 comes standard with 9 axes)

Servo interface M3/EtherCAT
Software Support multiple models

CAD drawing function

Friendly and convenient operating

Optional software Option 36
Application Single/double claw five-sided drill

Standard six-sided diamond

Six side diamonds on double diamond package

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