How to build an efficient and intelligent production line

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The traditional processing procedures of dumbbells and barbells include turning the connecting shaft in the machine tool and manually welding to fix the dumbbell pieces. Although the procedure of dumbbells and barbells seems simple, it requires a lot of human labor.

|Background of the project

A sports equipment manufacturer in Nantong mainly produces and sells barbells and dumbbells. In order to refine the original production mode and improve efficiency, it is necessary to convert the current manual production line into an intelligent one, and realize automatic welding and loading and unloading. LEANTEC has customized solutions aiming at pain points and demands to help clients transform into intelligent and automated production line.

|LEANTEC Solution

LEANTEC Robotic Arm+Pick and Place Craft Package+Smart Silo+Cloud Monitoring


Alert.png        Automated loading and unloading at the scene


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