FC Series

FC Series

FC-A-80RA, FC-B-80RA

-Suitable size

-Quickly integrate with external equipment

-Save time from developing

-Most efficiency

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IO All-In-One Highly Integrated Control System



-Integrate I/O and driver, setting all-in-one.
-Fitted size reduces the volume of the electrical cabinet
-Equipped with high-speed M3 serial bus communication thus can easily obtain the information of the driver
-Highly integrated with AD/DA model.
-Equip RS485, VGA, and USB for external facilities to in the/output

Stamping Press Arms Special Interface



-Built reference point teaching
-Support endmost straight line to help to correct position and avoiding obstacles
-Provide handheld terminal teaching and dragging teaching

Support Multi-program Compensation



-Support path compensation and speed smoothing feature
-Support corners smoothing to increase the efficiency of pick and place
-Provide straight line directions and circular arc directions

Secondary Development



-Provide secondary developing applications that can customize PLC, HMI, and MACRO
-Design your own buttons of the handheld terminal
-Provide a modular developing process to match PLC and HMI for the manufacturing process

Handheld Terminal Makes Teaching Easier



-Names for special purpose lathe pick-and-place buttons
-Brake and safety switch buttons
-MPG is loaded to meet the needs

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