21 Series

21 Series

21MA, 21MA-H

– Equipped with Yaskawa serial bus commuication
– Better synchrnized function

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High-Performance Controller with Serial Bus Connection Structure

Syntec 21MA controller comes with Yaskawa serial bus Mechantrolink-ll/ Mechatrolink-llll connection motion control, improves machining performance by decreasing interpolation time and increasing surface’s smoothness. Serial bus communication control also improves traditional pulse delay of differentiating transfer time between axis, provides a simpler system and easier to install and setup

High Performance & Better Configuration

– 21MA-H HSHP controller
-High-resolution Yaskawa axis motor (24bit)
-Linear scale (optional)
-Syntec high-resolution spindle motor package
-Supports DD motor (4/5 axis)
-Coolant from the center (optional)
-High-speed spindle positioning
-High-speed rigid tapping
-HPCC flexibility and reliability

Tilt Working Plane Machining

For oblique cutting tool or rotating worktable provides correction function to define the tilt machining plane conveniently.

Specification Table

21 Series

○ Standard- Not Support△ Optional

Model 21MA 21MA-H
Storage(DISKA) 512
I/O standaed 32/32
PS/2 0
RS-232 0
RS-422/RS-485 0
RS-485 1
I/O optional 96/96
DA 2
monitor 8/10.4/12/15 N/A
screen 8/10.4/12/15 8/10.4/12/15
monitor N/A 8/10.4/12/15
CF card 0
RJ-45 1
VGA output 0
Model 21MA 21MA-H
Max. Multi-Program 2
Max. Number of Table Tools 4
Look-Ahead 2000
Block Processing Time 2500
Max. PLC-Axis 1
Standard Axis 6
Max. Axis (optional) 6
Max. Spindle 4
Max. Simultaneous Axis Control 4
Min. Control Unit-mm 0.0001
Max. Number of Program Coordinate 100
Max. Number of Tool Length Compensation 96
Model 21MA 21MA-H
(A/B Phase) O O
general(CW/CCW) O


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